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Our Work 

Dark Sky Aerial is an award-winning, site-specific ambulatory aerial theater company based in the Western United States. We create breathtaking aerial theater that challenges perceptions and pushes boundaries.

Dark Sky Aerial produces all original work. We do not use a script and there are no established rules for site-specific aerial work. Our company installs our work in airplane hangars and off the sides of buildings. This Guerrilla style of performance art is rooted in a rich tradition of modern dance and other art forms that have laid the groundwork for the creation and experience of performance art in non-traditional spaces.


We specialize in site specific aerial theatre. 

finding inspiration for story line and theme from unique and unconventional stages. 



Our Mission

We strive to connect communities through ambulatory and kinesthetic aerial theatre. We aim to explore the human experience through movement and spoken word, creating a platform for our audiences to dive deeper within the self and connect with others.



Our Story

Dark Sky Aerial was established in 2015 by five women; Abby Chan, Carrie Gaydos, Elisa Venezia, Isabelle Dove-Robinson and Joan Garcia. Their passions for New Genres; performance art, dance, aerial art and social impact, drew them together. Coming from various professional and artistic backgrounds the dream of Dark Sky Aerial was born. Their unique style of performance art is rooted in a rich tradition of modern dance mixed with   non-traditional performance spaces. 

Dark Sky Aerial was founded in Flagstaff, Arizona and is currently based there and in Mill Valley, California. Flagstaff is the world’s first International Dark Sky CITY, receiving its designation in 2001, thus spawning inspiration for their name "Dark Sky Aerial". 

Pulling from the southwest and bay area artist communities Dark Sky Aerial's company members include a vast array of performers; aerialists, dancers, acrobats, actors, visual artists, poets and musicians. All in collaboration to create heart-stirring works of aerial theatre.


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