TILT: Truth is a vantage point

Dark Sky Aerial presented TILT: Truth is a Vantage Point at the Hotel Monte Vista and its surroundings. 

Tilt 2 11x17.jpg

To see the TILT 2018 Trailer, you can access it by giving any donation amount between November 27th and December 31st, 2018.

Viola Award-winning Dark Sky Aerial creates an ambulatory theatre experience that captivates audiences, weaving a story off building walls, through hotel rooms, and onto rooftops.  

In unity, we come together to celebrate difference; dispelling the notion of separation and alienation. On August 31st — Sept 3rd 2018, the community joined us to embrace the experience of being alive and human. TILT was presented in collaboration with 20 Moons Dance Theatre, CaZo Dance Company, Flam Chen, The Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival, Nemcatacoa Teatro.

Although we are separated by borders, a political view, religion, and the vantage point of belief, we are human alike underneath. There is no us. There is no them. WE experience love and rage, fear and joy, surrender and insecurity all the same.  Truth is a vantage point.