Six young Flagstaff women combined their talents to create OPIA – a brilliant combination of dance, aerial arts, theater and spoken word. OPIA is metaphorically and physically (the audience moves through the space) a graceful journey through life’s challenges and emotions. It is a stunning first in Flagstaff and I hope this group will create more as they continue their journey.- Anonymous


Absolutely one of the most amazing performances I've ever seen...possibly the best ever in Flagstaff. Such raw beauty and strength. It was absolutely stunning. The atmosphere, the music, the message and the performance itself was incredible. Thank you so much for this experience.” Rosemary Logan

I have been fortunate enough to view amazing works of art, to see terrific performances, and experience heart-rending concerts. But I have never been so moved as I was tonight. During the fifth performance I felt hot tears pouring down my face and I was physically shaking. The art you created was beyond my ability to express. It was truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Thank you.” Todd Barnell