OPIA is Dark Sky Aerial's premier aerial theatre production that debuted in December 2016 and is part of our repertory work. OPIA centers around the exploration of the human relationship to transformation and time. There are so many constructs in this world trying to separate and differentiate us: age, gender, race, religion; the thing which makes all of us human is our emotions. OPIA  brings our bodies, hearts, and minds together to create a piece to pose unifying and universal questions.

Our Cast

Storytellers: Claira Hart and Dre Adauto

Aerial Rope: Elisa Venezia and Ingrid French

Aerial Fabric: Carrie Gaydos and Nikki Gallant

Harness Dance: Abby Chan, Carrie Gaydos, Nikki Gallant, Elisa Venezia, Inga Kern, Joanie Garcia

Acro Stilting: Glenn Farley, Jenn Knott, Lindsey Maxfield

Dance: Inga Kern, Isabelle Dove-Robinson, Sarah Thomas, Justine Kennedy, Hilary Giovale, Geoffrey Whittaker, Ginger Van Divier, Marcy Roof, Mark Stevens, Laurel Combs

Pole: Beth Blake 

Gallery Curator: Kayley Quick

Aerial Straps: Abby Chan and Jams Yih

Aerial Hoop: Gemma Giovale, Justine Kennedy, Laurel Combs, Kendall Pfaff