Q. What Is the TILT Teaser TIcket?

A. The TILT Teaser Ticket is inclusive of Scene 1 and Scene 2 of TILT, which take place outside at 121 E. Birch Avenue.  (The five-story red building, where SunWest Bank is located).

At this location, Dark Sky Aerial is able to accommodate a higher capacity of audience members for Scene 1 and 2. The large parking lot will serve as the spacious viewing deck to experience the first two scenes of TILT. The TILT Teaser option will allow for more friends, family, and community members to experience part of our beloved show.

Although TILT Teaser ticket-holders will not see the full show, they will experience two incredible scenes. Scene 1 will feature the Dark Sky Aerial signature Harness Dance performed off the side of the south facing wall of the building. Scene 2 will feature a story directed by Dark Sky Aerial’s Creative Director, Elisa Venezia, and choreographed by Bridget Caron Borzillo, Director of Phoenix-based CaZo Dance Company.  


Q. Are food and drinks available at the show?

A. Yes! Square Root Burger food truck will be on site serving delicious food for one hour before each performance. Beer and wine will be for sale by local favorite Mother Road Brewing Company.


Q. How Long Is the Show?

A. The duration of the show is approximately 2 hours.


Q. With the Outdoor Venue, What If People See TILT for Free?

The beauty of site specific work is that passers by will have the opportunity to experience some elements of the event.  Spontaneous public art is one of the many reasons why TILT is so unique.  However, ticketed audience will witness the entirety of the show; the storyline, the indoor hotel scenes and grand finale, where as passers by will only get a glimpse.  


Q. What Type of Attire Should I Wear to TILT?

A. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a warm layer.  The forecast looks sunny, and by the end of the show, you may need a sweater.  You will also want to be prepared with an umbrella and rain jacket, just in case! Wear comfortable walking shoes, because you will be walking in the alley between the SunWest Bank building and Hotel Monte Vista as well as climbing stairs.  We recommend not wearing heels! We will have accommodations for audience members in need of assistance.  Please inform your Usher if you have difficulty walking on uneven surfaces or need the elevator instead of stairs.  TILT is wheelchair accessible and we have accommodations for other needs, such as accommodations for people who experience vertigo or claustrophobia.