Our Story


Dark Sky Aerial is a collaboration of local Aerial Artists. We dream and unleash creative performance experiences. Our work is thought-provoking, reflective, and innovative. We seek to explore the boundaries of human potential through movement, art, and Social Circus. 

Dark Sky Aerial, an Arizona non-profit, is a dream realized by six women (Abby Chan, Carrie Gaydos, Elisa Venezia, Isabelle Dove-Robinson, Joan Garcia, and Nicole Gallant) in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Social Circus is an innovative term referring to the growing movement toward the use of Circus and Performing Arts as mediums for social justice and social good.

The concept of Social Circus uses alternative, pedagogical tools to work with marginalized demographics and to raise awareness for larger social or environmental issues. 


Abby Chan | OPIA

Photograph by Gean Shanks